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865 coats collected for homeless and vulnerable persons

Tuesday, 28th November 2023

865 coats collected for homeless and vulnerable persons Image

Our unwanted coat appeal was a major success with 865 coats donated by the generous Gibraltar community for homeless and vulnerable people in London.

The charity, Calling London, appeals for unwanted coats each year during October and early November, from supporting businesses who participate as collection points, and then distributes each annual harvest, via some 30 London based homeless charities, eg Shelter. Chestertons’ London offices participate each year and this year so did we in Gibraltar, having previously done so in 2019 when we collected 746 coats.

76 bright yellow boxes of coats were shipped by our charity appeal partner DHL Express to London last week.

Frances Manthos from Calling London recorded this thank you message for all who donated in Gibraltar from the warehouse full of our coats. In total 10,000 coats were donated of which 6,000 were via the Chestertons’ network of which 865 were from Gibraltar.

We are so proud to have helped make 865 people warmer this winter, with the recycling and re-using of unwanted coats.

Thank you again to all who participated.

Contributed by Mike Nicholls