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Non-resident investor - should you use a Gibraltar company?

28 Mar 17

Non-resident investors of Gibraltar property have this dilemma. Should they purchase Gibraltar property in their own name or should they set up a Gibraltar company to hold the property. Mike Nicholls, chartered accountant and managing director of Chestertons discusses the …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Gibraltar, Property, Chestertons Gibraltar, Property Gibraltar, Gibraltar Tax, Gibraltar Stamp Duty

Don’t miss the New Year surge

08 Dec 16

Between Christmas Day 2015 and the first working day of 2016, Rightmove received a 195% increase in traffic. That’s a huge surge of people viewing properties during the Christmas holidays. Furthermore, of the 10 busiest weeks of the year as recorded by Rightmove, six …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Chestertons Gibraltar, Moving to Gibraltar, Relocating to Gibraltar, Rightmove Overseas

Chestertons Gibraltar adds over 2,000 Maltese properties to its international range

01 Sep 16

Chestertons Gibraltar has added over 2,000 properties in Malta to its property search engine. This new feature is possible due to a collaboration between the Chestertons’ businesses in Gibraltar and Malta respectively.  Click on Malta sales to search over 1,300 …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Malta, Malta property, Maltese property

Where there’s talent, there’s money

10 Aug 16

When predicting the future of post-Brexit Gibraltar, it is increasingly apparent that Gibraltar’s growth industries should be those where the border with Spain has minimal impact. Whilst everyone has their opinion on what will happen at the border once Brexit becomes …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Gibraltar, Brexit, Tax, Start-Ups

Boris Johnson reaffirms UK’s position on Gibraltar in future Brexit negotiations

01 Aug 16

Boris Johnson, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, has reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to include Gibraltar fully in its negotiations with the EU whilst also reaffirming the sovereignty status of Gibraltar.  Mr Johnson was replying to a letter dated 8 July 2016 sent to the …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Brexit, Boris Johnson, Gibraltar, Referendum

10 articles found

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