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How Boris' victory might impact the Gibraltar property market

16 Dec 19

Uncertainty is the enemy of investment. We’ve just had over three years of political in / out uncertainty courtesy of the UK. And now with Boris Johnson’s thumping 80 seat win last Thursday on a mandate to ‘Get Brexit Done’ those delayed investment decisions could be…

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Chestertons Gibraltar, UK general election, Brexit, Gibraltar property market

Rock Solid – Gibraltar’s Property Market

19 Feb 18

Property investment in Gibraltar has shown year on year growth consistently since the turn of the century, an enviable statistic for property owners. There has been no boom and no bust. Slow steady sure year on year price growth is the hallmark of the property market, …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Chestertons Gibraltar, Chestertons, Gibraltar ecomony

Brexit and the Gibraltar property market

03 Jan 18

The day after the referendum, our office was a picture of doom and gloom. Eighteen months later and we have increased our staff count by 30%, advertise frequently for more properties, have just fully reserved a new development of 99 properties in a week with not even a …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Chestertons Gibraltar, Brexit, Gibraltar property market

Gibraltar's revolving doors

05 Jun 17

It has been nearly twelve months post referendum and every day we are still asked, “Is Brexit impacting the property market?”. And the answer remains, “so far, as a whole, no”.The property market is a strong indicator of the belief in Gibraltar’s future. Buying …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Brexit, Gibraltar, Gibraltar property market

Record website statistics since the referendum

08 Aug 16

The vote to leave the European Union has not affected demand for residential property in Gibraltar based on Chestertons’ experience thus far. Indeed, we are currently witnessing client activity at above normal seasonal levels. This statement is not only borne out by the …

Contributed by: Mike Nicholls

Tags: Referendum, Gibraltar, Brexit

35 articles found

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