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Mole Mapping generates £2,600 donation to Cancer Relief

Wednesday, 19th July 2023

Mole Mapping generates £2,600 donation to Cancer Relief  Image

The “Mole Mapping” body imaging service, which was launched at the Specialist Medical Clinic in May this year, has been so popular that the first donation has been made to Cancer Relief Gibraltar.

The clinic’s digital InstelliStudio skin imaging machine was donated by Chestertons after its then CEO, Mike Nicholls, was diagnosed with melanoma. The technology provides automated total-body digital imaging, which records each person’s moles in digital format, which helps doctors identify new skin lesions and thereafter carefully assess, monitor and treat moles which are growing or changing shape. The artificial intelligence built into the machine identifies areas of concern for medical review and follow up. Living in a hot sunny climate presents a higher risk factor for skin cancers and melanomas, particularly for people with fairer skins. Early detection is critical in treating melanomas which when found and treated early, have a cure rate of nearly 100%, however if they are detected late, they can be fatal.

Chestertons’ donation means that instead of having to buy the machine, the Specialist Medical Clinic can make a substantial donation to Cancer Relief Gibraltar for every Mole Mapping procedure. £2,600 has now been sent to Cancer Relief and with the twice weekly consultation slots fully booked to September. The anticipation of a regular income stream for Cancer relief looks set to become a reality.

Marisa Desoiza, Chairwoman of Cancer Relief stated, “We said previously that this set-up is ingenious as it simultaneously helps patients and supports the skin cancer awareness work we do within the community. We know only too well that early detection of any cancer is vital. We are so grateful to the Specialist Medical Clinic and Chestertons.”

David Deardon, CEO of the SMC said, “Already we have identified several lesions which are deemed “suspicious” and need to be removed for histological examination, so we know the process works. Our staff and the patients enjoy and support the charitable angle of the process which adds a degree of happiness and wellbeing to a medical process”.

Mike Nicholls, founder and director of Chestertons said: “The plan was to create an income stream for Cancer Relief Gibraltar whist raising awareness of melanoma. Whilst these are early days, today’s donation means we are on target. I am so grateful for the care I personally received from the SMC and the CR Centre for me personally and am equally delighted that this idea, of gifting a mole mapping machine to the clinic, is helping other individuals and Cancer Relief at the same time”.

To make an appointment please telephone 00 350 200 49999 or email. Alternatively visit the SMC website for more information.

Contributed by Mike Nicholls