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EuroCity Purchaser Update October

Wednesday, 07th October 2020

EuroCity Purchaser Update October Image

Earlier today the developer sent an upbeat self-explanatory newsletter to its purchasers.

“We're delighted to report that second instalments for both Carrara and Murano were received in full, an amazing achievement in the current climate! On the site, both Carrara and Murano have been progressing nicely, with the 7th and 5th floors in each respective tower now completed. The transfer slab for the final tower, Porcelana, is also under construction, and we can expect concrete to be poured in two weeks’ time. Meanwhile in the basement level works are becoming even more complex, with the first fixing of the fire-safety sprinkler system and drainage underway.

The structure of the development is really taking shape now, with an average of 3 floors being constructed per month - so if you happen to be passing the site you will really be able to see a big difference in the coming months. You can also catch up with all of these exciting developments via the latest instalment of our time-lapse video, featured below:

Contributed by Mike Nicholls